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The Calcasieu Parish Expungement Program

The Fresh Start Initiative Program is available for arrest, charges and convictions in Calcasieu Parish only!

What is the Fresh Start Initiative Program?

The Fresh Start Initiative Program is designed to offer offenders a chance to improve their future. This program allows a person to move towards a better future for themselves and their families by giving  them the opportunity to cleanse their record of crimes they’ve been convicted of earlier in life through obtaining an expungement.


The inability to obtain an expungement can prevent some individuals from gaining employment.  Gaining employment provides opportunities to individuals to break the cycle of criminal conduct, increases the public safety for all who live and work in Calcasieu Parish, and assists former criminal offenders to create stable, productive lives for themselves and their families in Calcasieu Parish.


Louisiana law allows for the expungement of certain arrest and conviction records  under limited circumstances.  Obtaining an expungement removes the record form public  access, although the record is not destroyed.  An expunged record is confidential but still available for use by law enforcement agencies, criminal justice agencies, and certain other agencies such as the Board of Education, Board of Nursing and Gaming division.

Too frequently, potential applicants are turned away from employment not because of a missing skill set, but due to the sheer existence of a record of arrest.   A common goal for many trying to enter the workforce in Calcasieu Parish is to obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (T.W.I.C.) card.  


District Attorney John DeRosier believes this program gives people the ability to obtain T.W.I.C. cards and hopefully obtain gainful employment. This gainful employment is what keeps people out of the criminal justice system. 


 “A lot of these offenders have a conviction(s) from ages 16-25 and are older now, planning for the future,” said DeRosier. “They look back at that anchor they dropped several years ago and realize its weight and how it’s preventing them from future developments.”  


This website is designed to guide you to determining if you qualify for an expungement and how to apply for one.

The Fresh Start Initiative Program is available for arrest,

charges and convictions in Calcasieu Parish only!

Are you looking for a fresh start? Do you need to clear your criminal history record to help you get a better job? If you do, fresh start is for you!

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