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Expungement Cost

Normal Cost vs. Fresh Start Qualifier Cost

You may be entitled to a fee waiver.  If you have NO felony convictions, and NO pending felony charges under a bill of information or indictment, AND if one of the following circumstances applies to you, you can file for an expungement at NO cost to you:

1. You were acquitted of all charges from an arrest and any lesser offenses from that arrest.

2. You were not prosecuted within the time limits and you did not participate in pre-trial diversion.

3. The District Attorney dismissed or declined to prosecute and you did not participate in pre-trial diversion.

4. You were determined to be factually innocent and entitled to compensation.

5. You were a juvenile and successfully finished a juvenile drug court.

Normal Costs for an Expungement**

Louisiana State Police Right of Review






Louisiana State Police



Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office



Calcasieu Parish District Attorney



Calcasieu Clerk of Court



TOTAL $586.00


If your conviction was for a DWI - an additional $50.00 to the DMV. Additionally, you may have to pay attorney's fees.

Fresh Start Qualifier Cost**

You will be able to request a criminal right of review from the LSP for $26.00.
There will be personnel available to have your fingerprints taken to send in with the form. This service normally requires an additional payment of $10.00.

Louisiana State Police*


(check should be made out to:

Office of State Police, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information")

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office

-0- waived

Calcasieu Parish District Attorney

-0- waived

Calcasieu Clerk of Court

$100.00 waived  (1/2 of their fee)


TOTAL $376.00

If your conviction was for a DWI - an additional $50.00 to the DMV. If 894, then an additional $50.00. No attorney's fees will be charged. (*includes right of review fee of $26.00 paid at first event) 

**This is an average cost range for the Calcasieu Expungement Program. Cost may vary depending on circumstances.

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If you have further questions regarding the Calcasieu Parish Fresh Start Initiative Program,

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